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Thursday, April 19, 2012

thoughts of my friends

Today my mind goes to 3 of my friends that are no longer with me on earth~but forever in my heart!

First is Dean...he had leukemia.....when I was with him his last days I asked him what could I do for him?  He said "Be Grateful".   I am everyday! I thank him for the great advice.  I say I love you when I feel it and I appreciate everyone's friendship and love towards me.

Second is Paul.....he died of colon cancer.....when I was with him his last days I asked him what could I do for him?  He said get a colonoscopy.  I did!  I thanked him for loving me so much that he wanted me to be vigilant and care about my health.  I have tried to live a healthy life.

Third is Janet....she also died of colon cancer....when I was with her for the last time I asked her what could I do for her?  She said please keep being creative and sharing my love of teaching with others.  I also asked her when she went to heaven would she check on me? 
Without hesitation she said she would.

As I am going through my questionable health right now I think of them and how brave they were.  I am grateful, I am taking care of myself and I feel angels all around me.   Thank you to all of my friends for loving me, checking on me and caring so much for me.  You are all so special to me!

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