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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Carly

Ok, no're no longer in your 20's
Happy Birthday! I Love You Two Much!
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My never ending search for Johnny Depp

I won tickets to the Viper Room
I took Elena & Hope
I searched for Johnny and I am still looking...
Johnny where are you?
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

self portrait today


wow where an I & why do I look so refreshed?
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who loves me?


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who's house is this?




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Here is HOw tO HAve a GreAt DaY!




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This is an old friend of mine from High School
Her name is Hope. She invited me over to her house for a facial.....& wow....
I have to tell you it was the most relaxed I have been. She also massaged my feet, and gave me a hot rock massage. I would highly recommend her if you live anywhere near the Southern California area. Please email me for her info.

Drop by my new place anytime~!

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My new beach collage

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My new living room


Here is my new living room at my new beach house
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Friday, October 2, 2009

My weekend with the girls!

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Here's what Cheryl said!
North, East, South, West
posted by: Cheryl posted in: Uncategorized, My Life, Scrap Life, Projects, Inspiration, charity efforts on: October 1, 2009
What a fun trip I had headed North. I headed up near Sacramento this past weekend and what an experience.

What a wonderful time meeting some wonderful fiskateers and new friends. I headed to Mrs. Vicky’s retreats in Dutch Flat, California. Angela headed towards Nashville so I got the fun of heading up North to participate in an event that Mrs. Vicky, Scrapbook Royalty and Angela had helped to put together. My fun job . . . to pick up where Angela left off and help to ’spread some Fiskars love’ and friendship to the Northern fiskateers. The Glittering Ta Tas Crop was to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation to fight breast cancer and raise money for awareness and research. Scrapbook Royalty and Elena always do a great job raising money. While Elena was in Dutch Flat there were four other events that Scrapbook Royalty was involved with in different locations.

The first night Elena from Scrapbook Royalty and I arrived and we stayed up talking and crafting until 4:30 a.m. . . . yep . . . 4:30 a.m. The second night I prepared for the crop on Saturday in anxious arrival of some fun Northern fiskateers. I also painted some pumpkins I found in the grocery store . . . the little ones. We stayed up until 3 a.m. the next morning.

We had a lot of fun on Saturday at the Glittering Ta tas crop. I included a scavenger hunt in the neat little town of Dutch Flat. We learned about residents in the town, the neat hotel run by Sussy (seen below), and other neat historical and interesting spots. A fiskateer brought yummy cupcakes and Ta Ta Tea that was wow. We had some fun prizes and cropped all day long. We had different make and takes from Cory of Tattered Angels and I did one as well . . . vintage tags in which Tattered Angels also provided Glimmer Mist for my project which was pink in honor of the ‘pink crop’. I really attempted to deck it out in pink.

It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to know the fiskateers North of me. I enjoyed spending time with Amanda who is an active and lovely fiskateer and long time friend of Angela. We had got to know each other when she came to my fiskafriendzy at the Queen Mary. We got some special time together. She’s wonderful. I also enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Vicky. She makes me laugh and is so generous. I also spent time with my friend Elena which was special, Diva Danielle and Jan Mollett Evans. Was lovely.

I also made my very first necklace at Mrs. Vicky’s. Here are some photos. I think it kind of looks like ‘Anthropologie gone a bit wild. But I like it. I used felt balls, buttons, rhinestones, pieces of material and more. I used Fiskars drill to drill through some of these items.

So here are some scenes from the town, my trip, experience and the crop! Thank you Angela for allowing me to scoot on in and for the lovely welcome from all up North! It was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the experience with me lovely fiskateers. I always enjoy sharing when I return ‘home’ . . . right here . . . ‘home’.