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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

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I have a feeling that 2010 is
going to be my kind of year
I will be happier than I have ever been before
I will laugh harder. Smile wider, stand taller, walk lighter,
dance crazier, hug longer, live grander and love louder!
I can feel it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am going to Dutch Flat for Christmas
This will be my mantra!
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Griffin made a beeswax collage in class today!
He & his sister Sage did a beautiful job
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What Christmas is all about

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So Special

Today my class was making ornaments
These were all made to honor their grandpa who would not be with them this Christmas
Made me cry.......
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Good Luck

I woke up this morning to this beautiful beetle
I am pretty sure that is very good luck!
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Monday, December 21, 2009


We went to church & listened to the choir
What a great way to end the day!
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Flea Market

We found the best stuff at the flea market yesterday
Crazy, Good Times
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I wanted this

I put 3 things on my Christmas list
My friend gave me 1 of them
She did not even know it was on my list
I am truly blessed with people that love me
and I love them right back!
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Dinner together

Thank you for dinner
It was such a good time!
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I made this

My brother & I exchange gifts
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Shopping For Carly

All of you know that my daughter Carly loves asian culture!
Yuko took me shopping to find just the perfect gifts for Christmas
Thank you Yuko
I know Carly will love everything!
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Never Limit Your Ability To Create

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Christmas Gifts

Santa will never find better gifts at the North Pole
These handmade gifts were made in class!
Hope did an amazing job! I cannot wait until she gives them to her girls!
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