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Sunday, February 26, 2012


with all of her heart!
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arrghmom said...

Is there a story that goes with this? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Vicky! It's Elizabeth at Bella Cosa. Wow-super fun blog! And what a cool class last night-I'm super excited about getting on with the soldering! I do have some questions for you the next time you come in-so am looking forward to that and perhaps purchasing some more materials. Maybe I will even see you today (I'm at the store till noon)...
Are you on fbook? You can find me at

Would love to connect!

Miss Vicky said...

there is always a story that goes with every post I post. Most of them are personal. I just give a little info. but mostly I am mysterious!

Miss Vicky said...

Elizabeth, yes I am anxious to show you more! Call me anytime & I will meet with you. I will add you on Facebook! You are such a shiny spot in my thoughts. Thank you for the kind words!