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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't get ripped off Read the Fine Print

Buyers beware......a $6500.00 car loan cost me 19,149.92!!!!!

Read the fine not trust them!

If you would like the details please keep reading.  I hope my bad experience can prevent you from being ripped off.

I went here to try & fix my beetle.  It was not feasible.  So I bought a used car from Mc Kenna VW.  I do not have stellar credit.  They said they could get me a loan.  I did not haggle on the price.  I paid the exact sticker price.  They told me I had to buy.....
Gap Insurance, Maintenance Warranty & Anti-Theft device in order to get the loan from the bank.  They charged me 20.9 % interest.  Marie in  finance told me that she was giving me a great deal because legally she could charge me 30% interest.  She said I had 3-4 days to find financing on my own.  The cost of the car was 8500.00.  I gave them my car, 1500.00 trade in & 500.00 cash.  The loan for the car was 6500.00.  Buy the time they were done marking everything up the loan was for 19,149.92.


1)The interest was high because we don't verify income
The  Bank called my employer for verification the next day.

2) You must buy the anti theft device because the bank wants to know where the car is at all times
That was not true.  That would be against the privacy act.

3) The bank needs the warranty because the car may need very expensive repairs
The bank said that was not true

4) They bank needs the gap warranty because if something happens to your car it's only worth 4250.00 and you now owe close to 20,00.00. This will pay the difference.
The bank said that was not true.

5) They said I must have this loan because I cannot change my mind.  Even though they said I had 4 days to find my own financing.  I tried to call them immediately the next day after verifying all of the lies.  I wanted to come in and give them cash. 
 Marie was out sick for the next 4 days and no one else could help me.  When She  finally returned she said I could not pay cash.  I had to accept these costs because that is how they make their money.

6) The auto mirror adjustments did not work during my test drive.  The salesman told me to bring it in & they would fix it at no charge to me.  When I took it in they said they had to charge me.
While the Service Manager was very nice, he said he had gone in and talked to the Store Manager  Tam and  he said he was not eager to help me.

7) They reluctantly agreed to refund me all of the bogus things that they said I had to purchase.  They said it would take 60 days.  I asked for them to give me a letter stating that so I could take it to the bank.  Tam said no he was done with me & was not going to give me anything.  He told the salesman to tell me he was done with me.  He would not be doing anything for me.

8)  After 60 days they sent  a check to the bank for the refund less 600.00.  I called the warranty company.  They said they refunded them 100% immediately.
I called Mc Kenna, the 600.00 was what they had marked up the gap & maintenance warranty.  They said they would send a check. 
I still have not received the money.
They said the check was sent, but it had not cleared the bank yet.  It has been a long time. 
I called the new finance girl Cindy.  She asked Tam if she could put a stop pay & reissue the check.  He said no he was not interested in helping me.

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