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Monday, January 28, 2013

food for thought

One sign of achieving enlightenment, 
other than auras, tinkling bells,
and a healing touch,
is that you start valuing idle daydreaming
 as much as you value planning.
Remembering with fondness your past,
 not the sad things but the very simple pleasures

The Helm's Bakery Truck.... cream puffs
Jack in the box....ordering fast food by talking into  a jack in the box
Zody's  for me the first Target....
I remember getting my first wedding present with my boyfriend
for some friends of ours. 
We bought them an alarm clock & I remember it was 88 cents. 
We were big spenders
Johnny Depp first look immediate unconditional love love
Another is that you begin talking sweetly not only to plants and trees,
 but to cars and computers and mostly to yourself.

And, quite unequivocally,
feeling gratitude for your present challenges,
 love for lousy drivers,
and sympathy for those who don't see service in their work.

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