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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas


This is the family that I get to mentor.
Instead of gifts for me and the ones I love, I bought gifts fot them.
Things that I take for bedding, microwave oven, food.
They just moved into a new place that has heat so
Hugo won't have as many Asthma Attacks.  Since they have no car, they moved all of their worldly goods by hand.  They walked 15 blocks carrying their belongings.  It took 2 days.  They said how excited to be in a place that was so big.  A one bedroom apartment for 6!  The older kids are not in this picture.  Tom bought them the oven & gave 1/2 of the money for their gifts.  After he met them he was so touched by their appreciation, love and positive outlook! 

When I think about me having to have surgery, I will always remember that Tom came and took really good care of me, he got to meet my family, I got to see my dogs.  I was scared and it turned into such a wonderful blessing!
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