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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When life gives you lemons

go to lemon aid
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arrghmom said...

Vicky, I can't quite read it - it's a little too small :) (I must need new glasses) :)

Miss Vicky said...

oh, sorry....
you are right that is way too small! I am sure your glasses are just perfect! Thanks for letting me know!

Lemon aid brigade
august 18th
3551 Lemon Avenue
Long Beach, CA

fund raiser
Stuff for sale, arts & crafts
barbecue, to benefit the veterans
do you live near long beach? If so I hope you can come, my friend Diane is putting it on. She has a really fun day planned. There is no charge. There is also a cake walk & a raffle.

also sorry it took so long to respond I have not paid much attention to my blog. I have been really busy doing other activities! I should be more diligent!