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Friday, February 26, 2010

it is up to you

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Let's use what we have, recycle, renew & reinvigorate ourselves

I am offering one of a kind workshops in a range of mediums and levels

No frill Classes: $15.00 per class plus class material fee

Recommended ages for all classes 8 years and up
Children are always welcome to all of my classes
Parental Supervision is requested for soldering classes.

Class times are 90 minutes or more

Before we embark upon any journey
We gather our things that we will need.

This is my basic tool kit:
Black Pens, Adhesive, Scissors,
Papers, Needle & Thread.

Extras to make it your own!
Look through drawers, cubby holes,
shoe boxes, jewelry boxes and
don’t forget thrift stores
and flea markets.
Gather photos, pieces of memorabilia,
Ticket stubs, pieces of cloth,
vintage jewelry, game board pieces,
shells, trinkets, coins,
beads, old ribbon, doll parts and
whatever else tickles your fancy

Shell Collage
Bring your own or use some of mine. I will provide a wooden cross or a picture frame to adhere your beachcombing treasures to.

Mad Tea Party
Let’s make some Funky Alice in Wonderland jewelry
Using images and fun jewelry findings we will make one of a kind necklaces.

Not your mommy’s coat hangers
Hang up your memorabilia, not your clothes with this hanger
We will drill holes and attach wire holders. This is fun to use for everyday cards or special occasions. Photos always add an interesting touch to your hanger.

Heart of Wire
Free form sculpture of a heart with wings. Add your special touch using beads, wire and fibers.

Wire Working
Using rebar you will create rustic looking ways to enhance old bottles. They make great hanging candle lights

Chart Your Path
Paint on a piece of wood. Learn how to measure it out & make compartments to house all kinds of ephemera
This is a very fun class to do on a cutting board.

Resin Jewelry
Make fun jewelry out of resin. We will make a few charms & turn them into a fabulous necklace or a charm bracelet.

Frozen Charlotta Jewelry
Using these very vintage dolls we will make a very unique piece of jewelry! Give her wings or a saltshaker hat. Guaranteed beauty

Glimmer Mist Techniques
More than you ever could imagine. Sparkling ideas for you to apply to all of your artistic endeavors

Card Making Class: I will be bringing out my hand printing press
It works with the vintage wood type. You can make all of the holiday cards you wish & have a fun time doing it!
I will show you how to set the type.....the rest is up to you.
Black ink will be provided. Let me know if you want another color & I will get a price quote for you.
Class material Fee 5.00

5 Minute Collage: Learn how the experts make such amazing collages for their background art projects. It is a very fun, fast moving and a surprising hour of fun.
Class Fee 5.00

Soldering Class
I will bring my soldering iron & all supplies needed to make all kinds of glass hanging stuff!
Like houses, ornaments, ovals, rectangle & squares.
You can use your 5 minute collage paper too
Class material Fee 10.00

Gift tags:
Using Glimmer Mists & Stencils we will make tags that will dazzle.
We can even monogram them with our printer!
Class material Fee 5.00

Altered Silverware
This is the most creative silverware possible. You can make a hanging piece of silverware
A rack for the kitchen, place card holder, pin or necklace.
Class material Fee 8.00

Image Transfer
Learn how to use the new Golden digital grounds to copy all kinds of images to all forms of materials. Paper, fabric, foil, gel skins, acetate etc. Email me 6 images before class. I will have them ready for you at class.
Class material Fee 7.00

Image transfer Book:
Make a cloth book using the fabric transfers made in the image transfer class. Bring any special fabric you want to use or choose from mine.
Class material Fee 20.00

Nostalgia Board
Paint on a piece of wood. Learn how to measure it out & make compartments to house all kinds of ephemera
This is a very fun class to do. Bring lots of ephemera or buy some fabulous vintage findings from me.
Class material Fee 20.00

Game Board
Make a game board using your family photos. We will use scrabble letters to spell out family names. You will need a vintage game board for this project. You can buy one from me if you do not have one.
Class material Fee15.00 with your board $20.00 using one of mine.

Convex Glass
Use our vintage convex glass to house a fun moveable art piece.
You can make it on a card. canvas or whatever your heart desires. I have them in sizes 3" to 7" sizes. These are all very old pieces.
Learn how to drill holes in them and screw them into your piece.
Class material Fee 20.00

Everyone loves the button stacking class! I will teach you how to stack & add beads. We will then turn our pieces into a fabulous bracelet.
Class material Fee 25.00 you can add as much as you want to that also.

Frozen Charlotta Jewelry
Using these very vintage dolls we will make a very unique piece of jewelry! Give her wings or a saltshaker hat. She is a guaranteed beauty.
Class material Fee 15.00

Spread the faux icing. Add a vintage flower to the top made out of vintage sheet music. Create a nostalgic celebration treat to be enjoyed year after year.
Class material Fee10.00

Initial Photo Necklace or Magnet
Make a fabulous initial & back it with a darling vintage hand tinted photo. Then solder it for the amazing finish. These make the most charming gifts.
Class material Fee 10.00

Crown Making
Using cardstock we will make the most amusing crowns. We will add vintage jewels to bedazzle them.
Class material Fee 7.00

Salt Shaker Bouquet:
Turn your favorite salt shaker into a bouquet of nostalgia.
We will use vintage buttons & beads to create a bouquet that will last forever.
Class material Fee 10.00

Crocheted Bracelet:
Learn how to crochet with wire. Add some buttons and beads for the most charming bracelet ever.
Class material Fee 10.00

Memory Glass Trinkets:
Bring some nostalgic pictures or use some of mine. We will create hanging pieces of art. We will then wrap wire and beads unto them.
Class material Fee 10.00

I have over a hundred vintage aprons to choose from. Pick the one you love & we will add embellishments & ruffles.
Class material Fee 10.00 plus the cost of the apron. Aprons run 12.00 to 20.00.

Flower Topper:
Use in scrapbook pages, make a card or top a package! This is made with vintage satin ribbon & old sheet music.
Class material Fee 5.00

Button Cap Necklace:
Gather your old bottle caps or get some new ones. Bring them to class and create a great necklace or charm bracelet.
Class material Fee 10.00

Message in a Vintage Bottle :
Learn how to make a great finial for the top of an old vintage bottle. Enclose some love notes & trinkets. We will then solder the finial top to close up the bottle.
Class material Fee 20.00

Felt Ball Necklace:
Embellish hand felted beads and turn them into an amazing necklace. We will add vintage beads & charms.
Class Fee 15.00

Lego Necklace:
Create a one of a kind necklace using legos. This is play time for adults! Create a mini masterpiece to wear.
Class material Fee 15.00

Build An Apron:
I have designed the cutes apron in white. You make it your own by adding ruffles, vintage lace, buttons, hankies and old doilies.
Class material Fee 50.00

So let's have some fun & get our holidays started.
Remember to take the handmade pledge.
Spend the day or just a few hours with Miss Vicky!
Miss Vicky

Celebrate a special occasion with some creativity! Perfect for Birthday parties, Baby Showers, and private gatherings. Host up to 12 people with a craft of your choice. Decorate a Tiara, keepsake box, Music box, Glass charms, Shadow Box, Greeting cards, Ornaments, and more!

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