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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Betty Apron

I love this vintage waitress apron.
It has Betty embroidered on it.
It is the cutest thing!
I am challenging my friend Betty to come to the apron retreat & bling this baby up!
Imagine the possibilities!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friends, Dogs & Flowers

I magine my surprise when a friend of mine
dropped by the store. She brought me 2 dozen roses!
This is her new puppy that Sussy & I helped her rescue!
They have bonded & she is so happy!
(dog & mom) and my flowers!
thank you so much!
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Cutest Sisters In the WOrLd

How cute are these girls?
They came over for a creative workshop!
They blinged up some tea sets for their
pet shop friends!


I really hope I see them again soon!

We had so much fun!
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4 heads are better than one!

So, my friend Nadine calls me this morning.
She's sick.....
I'm givin' her the sympathy she deserves....
then she starts telling me that I don't have this or that in my store!
Mind you, she has not been there for months.

So I went on a picture snappin' spurt!

Call me if you need me to ship you anything!
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Tools for us GirlS

Nadine, what do you think?
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Glamour Girls!

Really cute jewelry holders
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Tea Sets & Gates

New tea sets

6.00 to 12.00

Gates galore
small 3.00
large 10.00
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The little girls that lived down the lane

Frozen Charlottas!
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Birds eye View!

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Sew beautiful

Have you seen theese?
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How about this or maybe......
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Have you ever.....

seen cuter purses than this?
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Looking for the hidden treasure

these are in the drawers!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Times at the funny pharm!

My favorite fairy friend Debrina has finally done a cd with her art!
Come by the Funny Pharm and pick one up!
They are 16.00 and worth every penny!
Congratulations Debrina!
Miss Vicky
530 389 2233
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Monday, February 23, 2009